Thistle Hotels

Bryan was the IT Director and led an IT Transformation programme for the 56 hotel, 11,000 room group. Thistle Hotels was the first to have a centrally hosted application suite including Opera PMS, Opera CRS and Opera Web Services, Delphi Meetings and Events, SAP Finance, SAP Electronic Buying & Procurement, SAP HR and SAP Business Intelligence and Microsoft Office which was delivered Citrix clients in the hotels and head office.

This solution was agile and scalable providing real competitive advantage:

  • The Cumberland, a 1018 room hotel was opened just 4 weeks after signing the management contract. This was because systems did not have to be installed in the hotel; but instead were configured centrally in one week and delivered to PC’s in the property. The asset management company had anticipated a lead time of 6 months from signing.

  • Clustered hotels into groups allowing a management team per cluster rather than per property as well as cross-selling of rooms when properties were full.

  • Real time access to inventory for third party websites.

  • Operational improvements from centralising certain finance, HR and procurement processes.

  • Centralised reservations for bedrooms and meeting space.

  • 15 minutes to deploy reservations systems to a sales office in India.